Monday, November 24, 2008

Guess the Quilt: Clue 3

Well, we've got a few guesses in. :) Rosaline asked if we were trying to guess the block or the quilt pattern. In this case, it's the block. Like "log cabin" would be an acceptable answer.

Tracey in CT took a shot at "Lady of the Lake"... nope, but I'm sure the HSTs I'm about to show you could make you think of that pattern. :)

I got some HSTs being cut - gotta love the easy angle! If you want a 2.5" unfinished half square triangle, all you need to do is cut some from a 2.5 inch strip. No weird measurements!!

A pile o' HSTs.

I didn't bother to pay attention to the orientation of the fabric or the stripes. I'm too easy-going to care.

Sometimes it's just amazing that my blocks turn out ok with that attitude. :P



Anonymous said...

Summary of clues to date:
light and dark fabrics only
2.5 light/dark hsts
6.5 x 2.5 stripes
6.5,2.5 and 4.5 stripes.
So far I can only think of Friendship Star which I know it isn't. And I'm thinking about a mill or spinning, wheel.

Cathy ~o said...

churn dash?

Cathy ~o said...

or Hole in the Barn Door?

Holly said...

Oh i need one of those rulers.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Could it be a basket or a bear paw quilt? Whatever it is, it's going to be very nice, love those plaids...I'm amazed at how perfectly straight your lines are considering you didn't try! Lol* People like you drive me nuts - I'm so jealous! I could spend all day trying to straighten up those lines and still have a goofy looking quilt. Lol*