Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Half way there

Still moving! The weather hasn't been in our favor. It's either over 90 degrees or it's raining. :P I'm happy if we make two trips in one day.

The living room. No couch or computer yet. We'll be returning the TV this Sunday - it's just not working out for us (poor picture quality) and thankfully Costco has a great 90-day return policy. :)

Oh yeah, I "snuck" a sewing machine in the living room. Currently it's a plant holder, but I'd love to have it stacked high with quilts.

The sewing room. I ended up switching around the cutting table and (invisible) ironing board locations.

And one huge mound of batting! I'm promising myself that I'll get cotton next time, and I'll have 500 quilt tops waiting! Ok... maybe not. ;)

The bed(less) room. All three bookshelves fit on one wall, yay!

I spent some time unpacking books last night, and ran out of room. Rats. I think I'll use the top of the bookcases as another shelf.

My plants are doing well. Less than a month ago they were just little sprouts.

Hopefully next year I'll have all four Earth Boxes lined up at the railing, growing beautiful greenery. :)

Plenty of aches too. I have 10 bruises from my knee to thigh on my right leg. I have no idea how I got any of them, except the one on my knee - whacked it into the steering wheel. But my leg looks like an overripe banana. :P



Sweet P said...

Good job on the move so far! I hope you get thru the rest of the move with no more bruises.

Dana said...

Looks great so far!!

Try witchhazel for the bruises, should make them dissapear quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Your new place is looking great, Leah!

ROZ said...

Lots of luck in your new home. It looks like a lovely place