Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Settling In

In quiet moments when I'm too cold at the computer (I can't believe I said that!) I get up and work in my sewing room to warm up. Just puttering, I have no goals until June comes.

I set up all my quilting books and magazines in a nightstand. Looks like I have room for a few more. ;) The plug strip that the iron is in has a switch, so that'll make it easy on and off for ironing. And thanks to the weight of all the books, it won't likely be as fearful if I accidentally bump into the nightstand. Whereas if I bump into the ironing board, it's sure to knock over the iron! :P

I've been going over "Create Your Perfect Quilting Space" by Lois Hallock. She really stresses on having a "work triangle" set up, to make quilting easier. It's a lopsided triangle, but it's there. ;)

The sewing chair was stolen by my husband so he could play the drums on Rock Band 2. That was pretty much the only thing he asked for his birthday this year, and he was gifted enough cash to cover it all. Except for a new chair. :)

I'm pretty wiped out right now. I've been spending a lot of evenings cleaning up the old place. I seriously boo-boo'ed and accidentally got Oven-Off on the vinyl flooring. It left horrible brown splotches that put me into panic. Rubbing didn't do a lick, nor pouring straight bleach. Finally I took a moment to read what in the world Oven-Off is made out of... lye! Oh, ok, vinegar should counteract it. Sure enough, vinegar took out 98% of the brown spots. If you look really closely, you'll still see a few spots... but let's call it "wear and tear", ok? ;)



Sweet P said...

I'm happy to see you're settling into the new place. Your priorities are right - set up the sewing space first!

ruthieredneck said...

Lookin' really good. When you're feeling cold, huh? WOW! You may be able to quilt the entire year now! Your place is really coming together. Keep it up!

andsewitis Holly said...

I'm enjoying your settling in process. Good to know about vinegar cleaning up oven cleaner. That could be useful to a lot of us :-)

Kaitlyn said...

My sewing chair also doubles as the rock band drums chair, only difference is they are my drums. Quilters can drum...right.